The Schifferhus from 1912 to 1926The Schifferhus from 1912 to 1926

Dear guests,

Here is a little story about how we got our name.

Have a look around!!!

You are in a new house but at an old place for seamen in Rostock which has been very famous and popular for a lot of sailors around the world for more than hundred years.

You could find this place named Stadt Hamburg in the first edition of the Rostock directory in 1856 but it was renamed Stadt Kiel in 1880. A great fire broke out in 1904 and the whole house burnt down.

The reconstruction started again in 1905 and the owner called the place now Luther's Restaurant. But even four years later in 1909 you could find Strandhotel above the door and further three years later in 1912 it got the name Schifferhaus.
That name was kept for this tavern for a long time until 1926 when someone changed the name into Tusculum which originally comes from the Latin language and should mean sans souci.

For sure, a lot of fishermen, boatmen and foreign seamen did not know what to do with that odd name. When they stayed away from this tavern the owner renamed it Schifferhaus again in 1928. And then business was booming again.

Unfortunately, the house was damaged in the nights of bombing in 1942. But after 1945 there was a coming and going of seamen again from all over the world. And the inn continued to flourish after the rebuilding in 1983.

We hope you enjoy your time and you are happy here.


Zur Kogge Crew

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